Smart Compressed Air

Compressed Air systems are often described as the 4th utility and responsible for considerable energy waste. System maintenance is critical to prevent unplanned downtime. The SimplySnap Compressed Air solution wirelessly monitors compressor energy usage and airflow throughout the complex air distribution network in your facility. Our advanced analytics detect waste in the system such as leaks, stuck valves, and compressors running unnecessarily or out of normal operating conditions. Our reports help pinpoint the biggest sources of waste so that you can prioritize the right improvements, save energy and keep the manufacturing process running smoothly.

SimplySnap delivers solutions to these problems: 

  • Understand how air flow is being used and how much energy the compressors consume with Energy and Flow Monitoring  

  • Identify leaks and wastes during non-production hours and quantify the costs per department with Resource Groups  

  • Receive alerts when equipment is left on during non-production hours with Triggered Notifications

  • Communicate the effectiveness of waste reduction strategies with the Savings Report 

  • Understand air flow quality to meet production requirements with the Compressor and Leak Report   

  • Enable your existing air compressor equipment, regardless of manufacturer, to connect to a modern energy management system 

  • Minimize integration cost and connect your entire facility with the SimplySnap wireless network and expand to other energy management applications over time 


How it Works


SimplySnap enables you to wireless monitor the energy use of each compressor and the air flow through the compressed air system. Reporting services from Synapse will help you identify leaks and quantify their ongoing costs if not repaired. 


SS450 Site Controller

Sense 4-20

The Sense 4-20 works with other Synapse-enabled devices and site controllers to gather sensor data across key areas within a facility using a standard 4020 mA sensor interface.

Flow Meters

Current Clamps

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