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Holistic Energy Management Platform
Equipment Uptime Solutions

Equipment Uptime Solutions

Monitor Critical Equipment and Predict Failures

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

SimplySnap uses industrial sensors and connectivity hardware to connect to critical equipment to monitor energy use, determine running state, temperature, vibration, air pressure and other data to analyze when equipment is outside of normal operations.  When equipment downtime impacts production the cost of lost productivity is far greater than the equipment repair or replacement.  Reducing the time to identify equipment problems helps keep small problems from becoming larger problems that lead to major equipment damage, expensive repairs, or impacts to production.  

Receive Alerts and Notifications

SimplySnap Equipment Uptime solutions use a mixture of industrial sensors to connect to critical parts of equipment to determine the normal operating conditions.  Things such as power, temperature, and vibration are monitored against thresholds that generate notifications and alerts to key personnel when any parameter is outside of the normal conditions.  By helping identify early notifications and alerts, SimplySnap helps Facility Managers plan for maintenance and inspection to determine the cause and develop corrective action plans, preventing equipment failure from bringing down production. 

MCNJ Compressors Energy Insights
The average cost per hour of downtime in manufacturing.


Facility Map Overview

Quickly scan and see equipment state and any alarms across your facility.


Notify facility personnel when sensors cross certain thresholds for a given amount of time.

Prevent Equipment Damage

Early detection and notifications help facility managers plan for maintenance and repairs.

Connecting Existing Equipment

Connect your existing equipment with standards-based wireless hardware to monitor operations.

Integration Cost

Minimize integration cost and connect your entire facility with the SimplySnap wireless network.

Analyze when equipment is running and if it needs attention.

Monitor Equipment, Minimize Downtime

The Equipment State and Status solution collects and monitors data such as energy usage, temperature, vibration, airflow, and other parameters to create automated alerts and notifications about critical systems and their components in your facility.