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White Papers

White Papers

Synapse white papers share valuable information with you about important trends and emerging knowledge that impact the energy management industry. Utilize this information to help illuminate your understanding on an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.


IT, Networking, and Security Questions

Take a deep look into networking and security around the SimplySnap solution. Find out why nobody does it better than Synapse.

Wireless Coexistence & Connectivity

Gain actionable insights and meet your sustainability goals with our modern, wireless cloud architecture that integrates with your existing facility.

DLC 5.0 Technical Requirements for Network Lighting Controls

The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the widespread adoption of high-performing commercial lighting solutions. They currently have product qualification programs for Solid State Lighting, Horticulture Lighting, and Lighting Controls and list qualified product for each program on their website at

The DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) program has a number of technical requirements for interior and exterior lighting control systems. Each vendor is measured against a list of technical requirements. To be included in the Qualified Products List (QPL) a system must meet all of the required capabilities. Systems that do not offer these capabilities are not eligible to be listed. In addition to the “required” capabilities, the DLC also documents “reported” capabilities that are important details about each system.

The SimplySnap network lighting control system has met all of the required capabilities for the latest version and is listed in the Qualified Products List (QPL) for both interior and exterior network lighting controls. Any NLC4 systems that have not been updated to NLC5 and do not have DLC-recognized cybersecurity will be delisted on February 28, 2022.

DALI-2® AND D4i Technical Brief

DALI-2 refers to the latest version of the DALI protocol. One of the most significant changes in DALI-2 was the addition of control devices (including application controllers and input devices), which were not included at all in the original version of DALI.

The Synapse DIM10-087-06 embedded lighting controls are classified as application controllers. The Synapse controllers are designed to work with DALI-2 LED Drivers and other DALI-2 products that communicate with each other inside a luminaire in a standard way using the DALI-2 protocol.

The traditional use of DALI was to connect a series of separate luminaires on a DALI wiring bus. This is known as inter-luminaire DALI. D4i stands for DALI for IoT. The DiiA has extended the DALI-2 certification program for DALI-2 products that enable intra-luminaire DALI. For LED drivers and control devices, D4i is an extension of DALI-2. D4i products are DALI-2 products that have a specific set of features.

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