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From manufacturing facilities to parking areas, from sports facilities to industrial warehouses, SimplySnap provides a proven, reliable, and secure IoT platform that addresses lighting management, energy management, and equipment health to reduce energy consumption, improve the efficiency of facilities, and optimize facility operations.

Sustainable Operations

Whether you are needing a solution for smart lighting in outdoor or indoor Industrial settings or trying to solve problems related to energy & resource management in manufacturing and industrial settings, Synapse can help you transition your operations to deliver on the energy savings and sustainability goals of the enterprise.

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Scalable Solutions

Our wireless network system can scale from a small local deployment to cloud-enabled control of up to 10,000 lights at each location across your complete enterprise. Discover where SimplySnap can help you solve your lighting control and energy management needs.

Ports of LA

Manufacturing & Industrial

Lighting and Industrial IoT solutions for manufacturing with multi-site management, executive KPI dashboards, and insights to drive improvements across the enterprise.

Sports Facilities, Stadiums, and & Arenas

Sports lighting solutions feature Dynamic Effects which add value to the entertainment experience at the field. Create and Control schedules at your facility through SimplySnap without having to “call in” changes.

Parking Lots & Garages

Control lighting through advanced lighting control technologies to gain energy efficiency and consistent light levels for safety and comfort.


Our networked lighting controls can reduce the effort of managing multiple lighting systems and equipment by consolidating them into a single interface.


Optimize your growing environment by controlling your LED lights with automated schedules, dimming, and color mixing. Monitor temperature and humidity to provide the ideal growing conditions for your crops.