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Energy Management Platform
Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management Solutions

Monitor and Control Multiple Control Systems

One Interface. All Control Devices.

Use the same interface for managing lighting, HVAC, water, gas and power. The system also integrates with multiple fixture OEMs.

Regional-Level Reporting Interface

Alerts & Reports

What could be cooler than seeing data visually to get those insights? Well, now you can do just that! Presenting the Charting feature in SimplySnap Cloud. This powerful tool allows you to visualize data from various sources, including lighting zones, industrial sensors, thermostats, water and gas meters, and more. Visualize data by individual assets, asset groups, departments, and beyond. Each data visualization configuration can be exported into a PNG, PSD, or CSV file. Experience seamless data insights and make informed decisions with ease.

Overall System Performance

Local Monitoring and Control

The home page shows the overall system performance, overrides, and alerts. The HVAC pages show the building floorplan, RTU location, device temperature alerts, and setpoint control interface. The lighting pages show control zones, current light output, and overrides. The scheduling pages allow lighting and HVAC Time of Day scheduling, occupancy-based schedules, and events.