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Holistic Energy Management Platform
Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management Solutions

Reveal Energy Savings Across the Enterprise

Integrate Your Energy Management

SimplySnap uses standards-based software protocols and hardware interface devices to connect to existing equipment like HVAC systems, air compressors, paint booths, welders, furnaces, CNC machines, motors, pumps and other process equipment. Our integrated approach pinpoints and documents energy-saving outcomes across facilities and the entire enterprise.

Track and Report Progress

SimplySnap Energy Insights is an intelligent yet intuitive, easy-to-use monitoring solution. The solution wirelessly measures energy consumption across part or all of your facility in both kWh and dollars. From individual pieces of equipment to production lines and departments, SimplySnap analyzes the flow and utilization of energy over time so you can track and report progress of energy-savings initiatives.

MCNJ Compressors Energy Insights
Proven reduction in energy costs for targeted departments in manufacturing facility (source the Amerex case study)


Energy Reduction

Pinpoint energy reduction opportunities in departments with sub-metering.


Gain visibility of department energy costs through resource groups.

Tracking Progress

Track progress on sustainability initiatives with energy reporting.

Inefficiency Notifications

Proactively identify inefficient equipment with triggered notifications.

Connecting Existing Equipment

Connect your existing equipment to a modern energy management system with standards-based wireless hardware.

Integration Cost

Minimize integration cost and connect your entire facility with the SimplySnap wireless network.

Peak Demand Insights

Identify and quantify what equipment is contributing to your peak demand charges.

Energy Intensity

Energy performance is determined by comparing the actual energy consumption to the Energy Baseline model.

Analyze the flow and utilization of energy to reveal where waste is hiding.

Measure Energy, Manage Sustainability

Measure consumption and savings in kWh and dollars based on actual utility rates for each facility by the hour, day, week, and over multiple months. Measure individual machines, groups of equipment, production lines, departments, and entire facilities. We measure energy so you can manage sustainability.

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