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Improve Safety and Lower Costs

Parking Lots & Area Lighting

Explore the Synapse wireless network lighting control solution for parking lots, parking garages, as well as site and area lighting.

Robust Solutions for
Harsh Environments

Property managers know that well-lit parking lots make people feel safer, which helps improve customer loyalty, event attendance and employee retention. Precise lighting accomplishes this goal, and with proper controls, can conserve energy and reduce costs as well. SimplySnap can help property managers take control of your parking lot, providing user-friendly scheduling and occupancy detection so your parking areas have the right amount of lighting at the right time.

Parking Technology

Our wireless mesh technology is field proven to cross large parking lots and is a robust solution for the harsh RF environment often found in parking garages. SimplySnap “just works” in these challenging environments where other control solutions often fall short.

SimplySnap allows facility managers to group lights by floor or other logical, user-defined areas. By implementing occupancy sensors, you can intelligently control dimming levels when a vehicle or pedestrian enters the space. You can also use time-of-day schedules to adjust light levels to meet the specific needs of the space.

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We help you reduce the amount of energy required to operate your facility. SimplySnap gives you intuitive, reliable, and secure control over your lighting—enabling you to lower the energy footprint across all your locations and create perpetual savings you can take to the bottom line.

Smart Made Easy

Synapse technology combines the highest quality building blocks to create a scalable and secure full stack solution. SimplySnap, a turnkey wireless lighting control system, utilizes Synapse’s proprietary wireless mesh network as the backbone for all our solutions.

SimplySnap was designed to handle the performance, reliability, range, scale, and flexible control requirements needed in industrial locations.

Energy Rebates

The SimplySnap wireless lighting control solution often helps you qualify for utility or regional energy rebates. SimplySnap generates energy reports to help understand costs across different areas and groups of lights, so you can continuously improve your processes to improve safety and lower costs.

Solution Components

  • Site Controller CBSSW-450-002
  • Embedded Lighting Controls
  • Field-installable controllers: DIM10-220
  • Twist lock Controllers: TL7 series
  • Compatible motion sensors
  • SimplySnap Cloud-based lighting software options available
  • Onsite and Remote Commissioning Services
Parking Documents & Resources

Resources & Documents

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