Energy Savings
Are Just the Beginning

Eliminating waste has a direct impact to your bottom line. Synapse has built a simple solution that reduces energy use by revealing and eliminating waste through SimplySnap, a holistic solution that is easy to implement and easier to use.

Reduce Energy Waste.

Wasting energy is bad for your profits and the planet. It costs companies millions of dollars each year, yet most are unable to measure energy or understand how to fix it. Energy waste comes from a variety of sources: lights left on when no one is around, HVAC systems, air compressors, and other large production equipment running during non-production times. Most waste is difficult to identify, but shows up on the utility bill each month. SimplySnap can help.

Lighting Control Solutions

Lighting Control Solutions

A cost-effective lighting control and monitoring solution allows you to monitor, assess, understand, and optimize control of your energy consumption. Implement our solutions across large indoor and outdoor lighting systems or across multiple remote locations with a single integrated cloud-based platform.

Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management Solutions

SimplySnap Energy Insights is an intelligent yet intuitive monitoring solution. The solution wirelessly measures energy consumption across part or all your facility in both kWh and dollars. From individual pieces of equipment to production lines and departments.

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