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Optimized Growing Process

Indoor farming and grow houses have grown in number in recent years and are encountering the challenges associated with sustainable farming methods, local food needs, population growth, and demand for specialized products.

SimplySnap is here to help with lighting controls for these horticulture applications, allowing growers to maintain a desired environment to optimize the growing process, minimize energy consumption and maximize lighting related sustainability efforts.

Key Features

  • With SimplySnap, greenhouse operators can schedule lights, create dimming profiles, and mix RGBA colors to match the performance of natural light.
  • Additionally, SimplySnap can also be utilized to monitor temperature, humidity, and other levels within the greenhouse to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Solution Components

  • Site Controller CBSSW-450-002
  • Embedded Light Controllers from leading manufacturers
  • SimplySnap Cloud-based lighting software options available
  • Sense 4-20 for reading sensor values
  • Onsite and Remote Commissioning Services

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