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Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing

Improve Facility Performance

Our holistic platform, SimplySnap, enables industrial and manufacturing facility managers to get the benefit and value of a modern energy and resource management system without the cost of upgrading to new equipment. SimplySnap does this by connecting to existing equipment over standard interfaces, bringing disparate systems together into a single application, where you can automate the control & track the flow and utilization of resources throughout a facility.

Key Features

  • Energy Consumption and Cost Insights
  • Peak Demand Insights
  • Equipment State and Health
  • Motor Vibration and Temperature Sensing
  • Centralized HVAC Control
  • Wireless Networked Lighting Controls

Identify Plant Waste

For a facility manager who oversees proposing and managing energy savings projects, the Energy Insights capability within SimplySnap is an adaptable, easy-to-use monitoring solution that will help a facility manager identify where the plant is wasting energy and develop a corrective action plan to optimize energy usage and lower operational costs.

Additionally, SimplySnap can help you tackle the three of the largest energy consumers in a manufacturing facility—Lighting, Compressed Air, and HVAC—with one simple solution. SimplySnap helps you achieve your sustainability goals while improving your profitability.

Solution Components

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