Field-Proven Results



Profitability or Sustainability? Both, Please.

Businesses are faced with an increasingly difficult conflict between the rising demand for energy, and the consequences of climate change. Solving for one at the expense of the other is simply not an option. At Synapse, smart technology is only smart if it solves for both.

SimplySnap suite of solutions provides facility managers the insight and control needed to make intelligent decisions - consequential decisions - that reduce energy consumption, saving the planet money now and advancing NetZero objectives, which in turn, save the planet for generations to come.

SimplySnap is the fastest and easiest way to turn sustainability goals into meaningful action. It is designed for fast and fluid integration into any industrial-scale setting.

Not an impractical rebuild, but a powerful refresh of existing environments.

Our solutions have delivered meaningful, bottom-line improvements for even decades old manufacturing environments. See for yourself.