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Networked Lighting Controls Rebate Finder

DLC Network Lighting Controls

The DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls QPL identifies systems that are eligible for utility rebates and incentives by meeting minimum DLC Technical Requirements. Containing 22 categories of both required and reported system capabilities, the QPL also serves as a product comparison tool for architects, specifiers, engineers, and contractors. Key required capabilities include individual fixture control using a true networked control system, reconfigurable zoning, scheduling, daylight harvesting, and motion sensing. Synapse goes a step beyond with wireless control which reduces the cost of implementation and makes scalability a snap. Search for your regional utility rebate for Networked Lighting Controls and let us know how we can support you with your project.

Using the Networked Lighting Controls Rebate Finder

Using the Networked Lighting Control Rebate Finder is easy. First, select Networked Lighting Controls category and then choose a state or zip code. You can filter your search by utility rebate program, and the number of fixtures you are needing to control. If a NLC rebate is available for your area you will see the recommended solution. The NLC Program Type will be Prescriptive.

Feel free to share the results, download the file, or contact us directly for a project or quote requests. While the local utility makes the final decision on their own programs, we can help with our DLC NLC listed products. Check below to see what rebates may exist in your market with Synapse Networked Lighting Control solutions.

What Components Make Up SimplySnap Platform?

Interior & Exterior

The components that make up the SimplySnap DesignLights Consortium 5.0 Networked Lighting Solution.


SimplySnap Cloud

For large single sites or multiple sites, the SimplySnap cloud-based option enables lighting control from anywhere across all facilities. The SimplySnap cloud interface can control sites with up to 10,000 lights across multiple site controllers and integrates with our other SimplySnap cloud applications like Energy Insights or HVAC control.

SimplySnap Cloud
SimplySnap OnPrem
SimplySnap Mesh Networking Technology
Site Control & Gateways
Embedded Lighting Controls
Lighting Controls & Accessories
Markets We Serve

Where We Shine

From industrial facilities to parking areas, from sports facilities to greenhouses, SimplySnap provides a proven, reliable, and secure lighting and energy management solution that is simple to use inside and out, performing in harsh environments where other control and management solutions have failed.

Our system can scale from a small local deployment to cloud-enabled control of up to 10,000 lights at each location across your complete enterprise. Discover where SimplySnap can help you solve your lighting control and energy management needs.

Need Additional Project Assistance?

Note that all product eligibility and rebates should be verified by the utility company. Synapse Wireless does not provide a guarantee for rebate estimates or rebate programs. All rebate estimates and details are provided by a third party.