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SimplySnap is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, and easy-to-scale solution that adapts to your organization, facilities, and equipment as they are today without requiring massive infrastructure upgrades. With Synapse, your team can manage, monitor, and gain insights from lighting and significant energy users in the facility, enabling ongoing improvements that pave a clear path toward your control and profitability goals.

Cumulative savings for companies implementing energy-savings programs.

An End-to-End Wireless Networked Lighting Control System

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Outdoor Site & Area

Outdoor site and area solutions that help you control light levels and reduce energy costs from a single user interface.

Outdoor Site & Area
Sports Lighting
Parking Structures
Industrial Facilities
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Improve Your Bottom Line

We help lighting designers, building owners, energy managers, and facility managers reduce the amount of energy required to operate and improve the performance of their facilities. SimplySnap gives you intuitive, reliable, and secure control over your lighting and energy management needs. It enables you to lower the energy footprint across all your locations and create perpetual savings you can apply to the bottom line.

  • We control lights and reduce energy.

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  • How It Works

    A Wireless Lighting Control Solution

    SimplySnap is a full turn-key solution for your Lighting Control and Energy Management needs. Built on Synapse’s reliable, secure, and scalable wireless mesh network, SimplySnap is deployed in factories, distribution centers, parking lots, garages, and sports facilities.

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Our team combines experience in the lighting sector with a modern technology architecture to maximize your profitability and efficiency.

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Lighting Control Solutions

A cost-effective lighting control and monitoring solution allows you to monitor, assess, understand, and optimize control of your energy consumption across large indoor and outdoor lighting systems, or across multiple remote locations with a single integrated cloud-based platform.

Lighting Control Solutions
Energy Management Solutions
Equipment Uptime Solutions
Water Efficiency Solutions

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