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Save Energy. Reduce Light Levels.

Outdoor Site & Area

SimplySnap wireless lighting controls enable outdoor customers to reduce light levels after hours, cutting energy consumption and increasing ROI. By grouping occupancy sensors and using flexible vacancy and occupancy dimming levels, we ensure our customers get the maximum value from their LED investment. In addition to energy savings, we monitor the state and health of the LEDs, proactively notifying customers when a problem is detected.

Want to combine outdoor with indoor controls? No problem. SimplySnap offers several indoor control options and can be integrated with building management systems over BACnet or Modbus.


Lower Light Levels When Not In Use

Outdoor spaces have a lot of potential to save on energy consumption by reducing light levels when they are not needed. From 10 p.m. to sunrise, many parking lots are unused, which means there is an opportunity to lower the light levels during those hours when there isn’t any activity. SimplySnap helps you achieve your energy efficiency goals while improving your profitability. You can access reports to watch the savings add up.

Our end-to-end networked lighting control solution allows you to manage all your sites remotely with a single user interface - SimplySnap Cloud.

Problems Solved

  • Wireless Networked Lighting Controls
  • Proven ROI Energy Savings
  • Manage Multiple Properties From a Single User Interface
  • Retrofit with Virtually Any Outdoor LED Light
  • Monitor the State & Health of LEDs
  • Report Generation Showing Energy Savings

Products for Outdoor Site & Area

CBS Gateway

Outdoor-rated SimplySnap gateway with Wifi, Ethernet and Cellular options for management.

7-Pin NEMA External Mounting Lighting Controller

AC 110-480V SimplySnap wireless lighting controller with 0-10V dimming, built-in photocell, and one sensor input for PIR occupancy sensor

Internal Mount Lighting Controller

DC 12-24V SimplySnap wireless lighting controller mounted by the luminaire OEM with 0-10V or DALI2 dimming with 2 sensor inputs for PIR occupancy or daylight sensor


Outdoor Wireless Switch: AC 120-277V Outdoor 2-button switch. Assign up to 5 scenes per button.

Indoor Wireless Switch: AC 120-277V Indoor 2 or 8-button switch. Assign up to 5 scenes per button.

Cloud Management (Optional): 1-year subscription to cloud service for remote access, multi-gateway management, energy reporting, e-mail notifications, etc

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