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Flexible Zoning

Warehouse & Distribution Centers

SimplySnap enables warehouse and distribution center facility managers the benefit and value of a modern lighting and energy management system without the cost of upgrading to new equipment. It connects to existing equipment over standard interfaces, bringing disparate systems together into a single user interface, where lighting control can be automated throughout a facility.


Improve Plant Energy Efficiency

For a facility manager who oversees proposing and managing energy savings projects, the Energy Insights capability within SimplySnap is an adaptable, easy-to-use monitoring solution that will help a facility manager identify where the plant is wasting energy and develop a corrective action plan to optimize energy usage and lower operational costs.

In many of the warehouses and distribution centers we’ve worked with, they’re just left on all the time. That means there's good potential for energy savings if we dim these higher-wattage high bay lights down or shut them off when they aren’t needed.

Problems Solved

  • Wireless Networked Lighting Controls
  • Flexible Zoning with Schedules to Meet Energy Codes
  • Scales to Thousands of Lights - Wirelessly
  • Energy Reporting for Rebates
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Indoor and Outdoor Control for Full Building Management
  • Integrates with Existing Building Management System over BACnet or Modbus
  • Manage the Adjacent Office Space

Solution Components

  • Gateways
  • Controllers
  • Accessories
  • Commissioning Services
  • Cloud Packages

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