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Centrally Managed. Easy to Use.


Municipalities and roadway city or downtown projects are a good fit for a centrally managed, multi-gateway system spread over many square miles managed with a single interface. Explore the Synapse wireless network lighting control solutions for a wide variety of roadway and parking projects. Control lights quickly from anywhere.

Easy and Scalable

Synapse technology combines the highest-quality building blocks to create a scalable, secure, full-stack solution. SimplySnap, a turnkey wireless lighting control system, utilizes Synapse’s proprietary wireless mesh network as the backbone for all our solutions.

SimplySnap was designed to handle the performance, reliability, range, scale, and flexible control requirements in parking structures and outdoor locations.

Automatic Fixture Failure Detection

Whether you’re using one of our analog bolt-on controllers or an embedded controller with DALI2/D4i, when a deviation in power is detected, the SimplySnap Cloud app generates an alert and sends an e-mail. This ensures that you’re the first to know if something goes wrong with the fixture.

Problems Solved

  • Scalable Deployment Models
  • Asset Management
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • GPS & Tilt
  • Interoperability with Other Smart City Applications via API

Energy Rebates

The SimplySnap wireless lighting control solution often helps you qualify for utility or regional energy rebates. SimplySnap generates energy reports to help understand costs across different areas and groups of lights, so you can continuously improve your processes to improve safety and lower costs.

Solution Components

  • Site Controller CBSSW-450-002
  • Embedded Lighting Controls
  • Field-installable controllers: DIM10-220
  • Twist lock Controllers: TL7 series
  • Compatible motion sensors
  • SimplySnap Cloud-based lighting software options available
  • Onsite and Remote Commissioning Services

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