Illumination Beyond the Light

Empowering Intelligent Industrial Facilities

Control your industrial and commercial lighting and environmental systems, manage energy use, and optimize your operations, all through our powerful, wireless infrastructure.

SimplySNAP is a unique combination of software applications, hardware, and services which fully empower you to improve your facility with 21st century technology. SimplySNAP is designed to enable you to take advantage of the benefits of IoT technology without having to replace capital equipment or disrupt operations.

SimplySNAP applications LIGHTING, POWER, AIR, HVAC, and SENSE can be combined to provide a holistic understanding of your facility. These applications improve major initiatives in industrial settings such as energy management, environmental health and safety standards, process optimization, predictive maintenance, and material flow management.

Energy Management

Gain insight into the energy consumption of your facility to make informed decisions

Environmental, Health and Safety

Increase the safety of your facility and employees

Process Optimization

Gain better understanding of operations to improve efficiency

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce machine/production downtime by keeping a pulse on your equipment

Material Flow Management

Track the flow of material through your facility

From industrial facilities to parking garages to sports arenas, SimplySNAP provides a proven, reliable lighting solution that is simple to use both indoors and outdoors. Our intelligent lighting system can scale from a small local deployment to cloud-enabled control of up to 10,000 lights with our Illuminate application. SimplySNAP also enables Energy Engineers to easily help their industrial clients reduce energy costs while gaining energy monitoring applications. These features deliver value beyond the light.

Lighting controls enhance  productivity and safety by increasing visibility.

Implement multiple energy-savings strategies

Task tuning balances the energy savings with productivity improvements

The SimplySNAP Power app is a cloud-based application that collects power usage data and stores it for up to 2 years. This enables customers to compare across sites or look at specific areas to measure the impact of adjustments to occupancy sensors, the impact of adding daylight harvesting, or the impact of adjusting different location or zone schedules.

Aids maintenance to know machinery is operating within parameters

Reduces the cost of non-production time (idling cost)

Gain a better understanding of energy consumption per department and entire facility

Compressed air energy is a major cost to most manufacturing facilities – often 20-30% of the energy bill. Our compressed air energy information system monitors the compressed air flow and corresponding electrical energy usage throughout a facility. Our advanced analytics can even detect waste in the system such as leaks, stuck valves, and compressors that shouldn’t be running.

Find air leaks, potentially stuck valves, or inefficient processes

Identify 20-30% in energy savings

Gain a better understanding of air consumption per department and entire facility

HVAC units and Make-up air handlers represent a large segment of a facility’s energy use and are often left to run 24/7. The SimplySNAP HVAC app gathers environmental data from a variety of sensors and provides a configurable algorithm that lets you tune the optimization for comfort, pressure balance, energy savings, etc. It also enables you to easily schedule HVAC and MUA downtime in order to save power when the facility is unoccupied.

Enables efficient and even heating and cooling

Reduce cost by shutting down systems during non-production hours

Optimize HVAC use via smart algorithms and schedules

SimplySNAP Sense collects data from any 4-20 mA sensor with our wireless, battery-powered device.  You can retrofit existing equipment without disrupting operations. With SimplySNAP Sense, view, access, and understand facility operations through one user interface and eliminate data silos.

How it Works