What could sustainability do for your facility?

We’ll state the obvious: lower your facility’s energy footprint, which in turn means reduced utility bills.

Industrial facilities like parking garages, sports arenas and manufacturing plants are notorious sources of massive energy waste. The good news? It’s something you can get a handle on in a snap. SimplySnap makes this possible through a wireless lighting control system that can be controlled right down to the individual luminaire. Our energy solutions help you reduce your energy cost by providing energy monitoring, control, and reporting applications. These features deliver value beyond the light.

Using your existing lighting and technology, SimplySnap Smart Lighting works to streamline control over your lighting setup in favor of your bills and the planet. Our minimal infrastructure is simple to install, use and maintain. Through a wireless network, SimplySnap helps you manage your lighting output with schedules, zones and energy saving strategies such as daylight harvesting, task tuning and dimming.

With SimplySnap running the lighting show, the savings begin to accumulate by themselves.

The big question is: what will you do with them?

Take the Journey to Net Zero

The money you earn through our lighting solution can grow quickly. SimplySnap creates a wireless network infrastructure that you can easily add sensors and controls to manage and monitor other high-energy consumption utilities. Our end-to-end solution makes it simple to add automated controls for HVAC and compressed air systems.

SimplySnap works with any existing HVAC system, giving you ultimate control to create zones, schedules and efficiently monitor your energy consumption. Same goes for compressed air – use our technology to pinpoint leaks throughout your network of pipes and valves, extend the life of your equipment, reduce waste and decrease downtime. Efficiency and preventative maintenance are the name of the game.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Once you’ve got control of “the Big 3” sources of energy inefficiency – lighting, HVAC and compressed air – the ROI and environmental advantages begin to build on themselves.

Take Savings to the Bottom Line

We not only believe that increased profitability can be achieved through increased sustainability, we prove it. Our platform charts a simple and direct path from cleaner more efficient resource management to significant financial and operational improvements. A match made in heaven.

Insight and control that simply works – for the environment, and for your bottom line.