SimplySNAP Lighting provides single-site area lighting control where internet may not be available or not preferred for security reasons. SimplySNAP makes it easy to support both new construction and retrofit installations. It is the ideal lighting solution for a variety of applications that include parking lots, sporting arenas, warehouses, college campuses, and more.

Our lighting solution is comprised of software and hardware components that are adaptable to multiple applications, providing reliable connectivity and control, that is simple to install, maintain, and use. Our lighting controllers use the reliable, secure, and robust Synapse SNAP® mesh network, providing a dependable solution that just works. The intuitive control and interface allow for the creation of custom settings and schedules, which maximizes your savings while giving you complete control of each light, bank, or zone.

The SimplySNAP Lighting application is useful for a single site where no outside connection is required, our lighting solutions can also be scaled to fit much larger needs. SimplySNAP Illuminate is our cloud-based solution that enables lighting control from anywhere across multiple facilities. SimplySNAP Illuminate can control up to 10,000 lights across multiple gateways and integrate with our other SimplySNAP cloud applications.


  • Lighting control without an internet connection
  • Luminare-level control
  • AES encryption
  • Use Scenes, Zones, Schedules and other features system-wide






Site Controller

Central Base Station

Site Controller with Switches

BMS Gateway

Building Automation System Integration

Lighting Controllers


Embedded Wireless Lighting Controller


Embedded Wireless Lighting Controller


Embedded Wireless Lighting Controller


Bolt-On Wireless Controller


Bolt-On Wireless Controller


Universal Twist-Lock Wireless Controller


High Voltage Twist-Lock Wireless Controller


5-Button Switch

Wireless Switch Family

Wireless Sensor

Video Case Study – Watertown Ice Hockey Rink