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Profitability through Sustainability


Energy Savings & Sustainability

Climate change and sustainability goals will impact every company's business model and growth potential for years to come. SimplySnap combines sustainability and profitability actions into a united effort. Lowering the energy footprint across facilities creates perpetual savings you can take to the bottom line or invest in other NetZero initiatives.

The ability to turn goals into actions and process improvements into measurable impact are critical capabilities that drive the value of company. SimplySnap provides the platform for illuminating and controlling energy waste across outdoor and industrial locations

Facility to Enterprise Communication

Corporate Sustainability Goals

Leaders face difficulty in communicating corporate sustainability goals throughout the organization. Executive teams tend to look broadly across the corporation and over the long-term. Divisions and facility management look more narrowly and near term. Each department or production line executes week to week and day to day. 

Energy Overview
Top to Bottom Dashboards

Facility Performance Optimization

SimplySnap​​​​​ Facility Performance Optimization solutions helps solve this problem by stitching these organizational units top to bottom so that department managers can manage day-to-day in the context and direction of the broader corporate direction.

Facility Performance Optimization Dashboard