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Proud Partner of the Better Plants Program

Better Plants Program

What is the goal of the Better Plants Program? Through Better Plants, partners voluntarily set a specific goal, typically to reduce energy intensity by 25% over a 10-year period across all their U.S. operations.

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The Better Plants Program is a voluntary partnership initiative to drive significant energy efficiency improvement across energy-intensive industrial companies and organizations. The program provides technical support, national recognition, and networking opportunities administered through the Department of Energy as part of the Better Buildings Initiative.

Better Plants is partnering with leading manufacturers and water utilities to improve energy efficiency and competitiveness in the industrial sector, saving money in the process. As of January 2021, 235 leading manufacturers and public water and wastewater treatment utilities are partnering with the DOE through Better Plants to improve competitiveness, drive energy efficiency, and save money.

More information is available at the DOE BPP main website available here: DOE Better Plants Program Information

Industrial building steel pipelines UTC
Total reduction in energy-intensity targeted by leading companies (source Better Plants Program).

Better Plants Program



Number of Partner Companies235+

Approximate Number of Plants

Percent of U.S. Manufacturing Energy Footprint12%
Reported Savings (Through 2018)
Cumulative Energy Savings (QBtu)1.7
Cumulative Cost Savings (Billions)$8.2B
Average Annual Energy Intensity Improvement Rate2.5%
Source: Better Plants Program Overview (PDF)

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