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Site Control & Gateways

Site Control & Gateways

Simple Interface, Maximum Savings

Consolidate Your Sites

For managing larger sites or multiple locations, SimplySnap cloud applications are available to consolidate multiple site controllers into one user interface. Gain fast access across installations with thousands of devices to maximize energy savings across facilities.

Site Control & Gateways

Central Base Station

Each SimplySnap system includes a variety of Synapse-enabled devices that communicate with each other and the CBS to form a local mesh network. The CBS monitors, controls, and automates critical devices to save energy across diverse types of systems and works great for both indoor and outdoor installations.

SS450 Site Control Gateway

The SS450 site controller serves as the heart of your SimplySnap solution. This network edge appliance provides quick browser-based access and local control of smaller systems with hundreds of devices and is designed for indoor installation.

BMS Site Control Gateway

With the BMS Gateway, you can integrate the advanced lighting controls of SimplySnap with your current BMS solution. The integration makes it simpler to manage and maintain all your facility’s commercial or industrial automated applications through one system.

IIoT Network Repeater

The IIOT Repeater works in conjunction with other Synapse-enabled devices to create a robust mesh network for use in a variety of IIoT solutions such as lighting controls, energy monitoring and air handling.