Lighting Controls & Accessories

Lighting Controls & Accessories

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We offer a suite of field-installable controllers and optional accessories to expand your lighting control options.

Lighting Controls & Accessories



The DIM10-220 is a bolt-on wireless lighting controller for indoor and outdoor applications.


TL7-B2 Twist-Lock (Universal)

The TL7-B2 is an intelligent wireless lighting controller with exceptional fault tolerance and a multitude of features.


TL7-HVG Twist-Lock (High Voltage)

The TL7-HVG is an intelligent wireless lighting controller designed for high voltage applications.


5-Button Switch

The Wired 5-Button Switch is a SimplySnap component that can be installed anywhere you need indoor, wireless push-button lighting control, such as municipal ball parks, hockey arenas, basketball facilities, and other multi-use sports complexes.


SimplySnap Compatible Wireless Switch

The Synapse family of Wireless Switches are a set of low-voltage switches that are compatible with SimplySnap. The switches are available in either 2 or 8 button configurations.


WSN-DPM Wireless Sensor

The Wireless Sensor is a stand-alone sensor for indoor or outdoor applications and includes both motion and photocell capabilities.


Antenna Kits

When installing a SimplySnap gateway, it is essential to consider how the RF signal will connect to other devices in the SNAP mesh network. The Outdoor Antenna Kit helps ensure that the SimplySnap gateway signal is amplified and propagated to other devices.


ZHA-S1 Zhaga Controllers

The Digital Zhaga Controller is D4i certified and also complies with ASHRAE, Title 24, and DLC NLC Indoor/Outdoor energy requirements, making it easy to integrate into an LED Luminaire to enable energy efficiency for today and into the future.