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Stadiums & Arenas

Sports Facilities


Sports Facilities

Whether you’re managing a municipal recreation field, collegiate sports complex, or minor league and semi-pro facilities, SimplySnap can provide the lighting control you need to deliver a safe, competitive, and entertaining venue.

Synapse’s Sports Lighting solutions feature Dynamic Effects which add value to the entertainment experience on the field or in the arena. The SimplySnap solution is embedded in luminaires from leading LED sports-lighting manufacturers, putting you in complete control of the types of lights you need to illuminate your facility.

Additionally, SimplySnap makes it easy for facility personnel to manage the lighting control solution experience. Unlike other options, SimplySnap puts complete control in your hands—mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers can all be used to access and control the solution. No more phone calls to a third-party provider for them to change schedules or turn on and off lights.

Key Features

  • Simple User Interface
  • Zones
  • Scenes
  • Schedules
  • Dynamic Behaviors

Solution Components

  • Site Controller CBSSW-450-002
  • Embedded Light Controllers
  • Bolt-On and Twist lock Controllers
  • SimplySnap Cloud-based lighting software and Dynamic Behaviors feature options available
  • Onsite and Remote Commissioning Services

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