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Lighting the Way to a Smarter Solution

Lighting is mission critical. It impacts everything from productivity to job satisfaction to sales and, of course, to safety. Having light where you need it when you need it matters greatly. Discover how lighting can pave the way to a smarter facility, building, multi-site, and even a full campus solution.

Lighting is mission critical. It impacts everything from productivity to job satisfaction to sales and, of course, to safety. Who wants to walk across a poorly lit parking lot to visit a shop in retail center? Who wants to be held accountable to fill orders accurately in a poorly lit warehouse? Who wants to stand in front of a 90 MPH fastball in a poorly lit stadium? And who wants to walk across a poorly lit campus after a long night at the library?

Having light where you need it when you need it matters greatly.

But having light where you don’t need it and when don’t need it, can matter greatly as well. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy has pinpointed lighting as one of top sources of energy waste across all sectors of the economy. The cost of that waste has serious and growing consequences. Not only is the price of energy rising, so too are the costs it has on our environment. Regulatory agencies work to drive down that waste with both the carrot of rebates and the stick of regulation - the stick getting bigger and heavier each year. And the call for improving environmental performance is growing louder from all corners. Customers, boards, investors, and even a more empowered employee base are calling for organizations to run cleaner, more efficiently, safer, and cheaper. Not one or the others - but all of them, and all the time. While the conversion to LED lighting is a good step, it just isn’t enough. Smart Controls typically reduce energy waste by an additional 35-45%.

How do you improve the lighting environment of your space while also improving the global environment for the planet?

This is exactly the problem (and opportunity) SimplySnap Smart Lighting Management was conceived to solve.

The SimplySnap Smart Lighting Management system was created by Synapse Wireless, an Industrial Internet of Things company, whose goal is to help large scale customers deploy affordable and effective means to reduce energy waste while simultaneously improving the way people work, and the way products are produced.

So, how does smart lighting work?

First, it happens wirelessly. Rolling out miles of wiring is an expensive way to try and gain control over waste. Not only is it expensive to install, it’s even more expensive to maintain. That’s not smart. So, SimplySnap produces sensors that are currently embedded in luminaries from leading manufacturers. The companies you know and trust now have high-tech smart lighting - and the brains inside are from SimplySnap. This allows lighting engineers, and facility managers to deploy smart lighting with products they already know. Then with a light and lean collection of wireless gateways, and an intuitive controls platform, even decades-old facilities can quickly leap forward into the modern age.

Second, it happens precisely. The SimplySnap system can be easily configured to your exact needs. Control light by zones, by groups or even by individual lights. Establish schedules related to time or usage. Set light levels based on task. Use sensors to enable daylight harvesting in large indoor spaces or have groups of lights respond to motion.

Third, it happens simply. Not only is the solution easy-to install, it is also easy to use. The SimplySnap platform is powerful enough to stand alone, and smart enough to integrate with existing building management systems. Because having technology that is hard to use, is of little use at all. Our team can commission the install or we can teach your team to do it yourselves.

And fourth, SimplySnap Smart Lighting happens, well, smartly. We understand that mountains of data, generated simply for the sake of generating more data is not smart. In fact, data alone is not smart at all. It is the actionable intelligence that comes from that data that matters. So, our platform shows how your teams scheduling, daylight harvesting, task tuning and motion sensing all come together to reduce both kWh and $$$. These reports help you qualify for rebates, and react to rising regulatory pressures.

Our solution works great in both indoor and outdoor environments. It provides a unified source of control for a single site or across a sprawling campus, or across multiple facilities spread around the globe.

Where does SimplySnap shine:

And, of course, on the bottom line.


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