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SimplySnap Lighting

SimplySnap Lighting

Any Size. Anywhere.

SimplySnap. Smart Made Easy.

The SimplySnap Lighting solution from Synapse Wireless addresses the lighting control needs of many outdoor, indoor industrial, sports and entertainment venues, and horticulture environments. SimplySnap was designed to meet the requirements of performance, reliability, range, scale, and flexible control options that are needed in indoor industrial, parking, and site & area lighting locations.

Reliably connect to every light and sensor with our field-proven wireless mesh networking technology. Our intelligent lighting system scales easily to support and wirelessly control small sites with a few hundred lights, installations with thousands of locations, and larger sites with up to 10,000 lights. The best part? SimplySnap supports multi-site management through the cloud interface, giving you control over every location with a single log-in.

Where We Shine

Our Core Capabilities

SimplySnap software is designed with core capabilities that help simplify managing lighting systems of all sizes, plus key features to help meet the wide variety of energy codes and SimplySnap is on the DLC’s Qualified Products List for both indoor and outdoor control systems. For local access and control, SimplySnap has a local web browser-based interface built into each site controller. Additionally, a cloud-based user interface for remote access is available and provides additional insights and control capability using a web browser on any computer or smart device.

Simply Snap App Shot

SimplySnap On Prem

Choose SimplySnap OnPrem deployments for local lighting control over a single site. SimplySnap is included with each Site Controller Gateway to provide fast and easy browser-based access and control, with no Internet connection required.

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SimplySnap Cloud

Choose SimplySnap Cloud for remote access to single-site locations or for control across larger sites that include more than one Site Controller Gateway. Plus, SimplySnap Cloud was designed to provide centralized management to large, distributed locations.

Parking Lot Wide Target

We Are Expandable

SimplySnap is a one-size-fits all lighting control solution. From controlling small, single-site parking lots or a little league ballfield all the way to centrally managing warehouse facilities and parking lots for property management companies across the nation, SimplySnap was built to expand to your needs.

Endless Control Options


Sensor Support

Use Occupancy and Photocell sensors to manage behaviors across groups of lights.


Daylight Harvesting

Supports Open-loop Daylight Harvesting, designed specifically for large interior spaces with natural light.


High-End Trim

Reduce energy use by adjusting the maximum light levels across the system.


Alerts and Alarms

Notifications are sent immediately as issues are detected.


External System Integration

Leverage the lighting controls with existing Building Management Systems (BMS). Plus, SimplySnap can be extended to provide additional control and insights for manufacturing, industrial and horticulture locations.

Key Benefits

  • Works indoors & outdoors — Eliminate the need for separate control systems.
  • Easy customization – Quickly set up energy-saving behaviors that comply with energy conservation requirements, including demand response and daylight harvesting.
  • Multiple methods of control — Flexible deployment models allow stand-alone local access or cloud-based remote control.
  • Scalable solution — Integrate seamlessly into existing BMS systems and support large deployments with cloud-based architecture.
  • Robust wireless mesh technology – Continually monitor the wireless network and receive alerts on any issues found.
  • Automatic over-the-air upgrades — Future-proof your investment by keeping it updated with the latest features.
  • DLC QPL NLC Qualified - SimplySnap is DesignLights Consortium Networked Lighting Control accredited. View QPL list here.

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