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Lighting Controls & Accessories

Wireless Switches

Across Large Sites from Anywhere

Complete Control

The Synapse family of Wireless Switches is a set of indoor & outdoor switches that are compatible with SimplySnap. The switches are available in either 2 or 8 button configurations for indoor and a 2 button configuration for outdoor. Wireless Switches can replace traditional wired switches and provide the convenience of lighting control without needing to switch the lighting load directly.

The smart wireless lighting switch communicates via the SNAP mesh network to allow for the most convenient user location of switch installations. Multiple wireless switches can be used throughout the site and configured to provide optimized control of the lighting.

  • WSW-02-PS Wireless two-button switch with 12V power supply
  • WSW-08-PS Wireless eight-button switch with 12V power supply
  • WSW-02-IP Wireless Outdoor 2-Button Switch

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