Smart HVAC

Finding and managing energy saving projects doesn’t have to be so hard. You know that your HVAC system wastes a lot of energy and is not operating efficiently. SimplySnap makes it easy to control existing and new HVAC equipment from any mix of vendors through a single, easy-to-use holistic energy-management system. You can wirelessly connect and take control of all the thermostats in the facility and remotely configure sets points and fan modes. Plus, our analytics can pinpoint equipment operating out of bounds and alert you to take action. SimplySnap will help you reduce energy consumption and improve operational efficiency which lowers costs and improves the environment of the facility.

SimplySnap delivers solutions to these problems: 

  • Manage disparate, outdated HVAC equipment holistically with centralized control 

  • Group equipment in logical zones for better management with climate zones

  • Remotely configure set points and fan mode on all the thermostats spread across the facility with thermostat control

  • Control equipment based on schedules, wireless sensors, or other input with triggered behaviors
  • Collect temperature and humidity data and track trends across the facility with environmental monitoring
  • Enable your existing HVAC equipment to connect to a modern energy management system with standards-based wireless hardware interface devices 

  • Minimize integration cost and connect your entire facility with the SimplySnap wireless network


Group HVAC equipment into Climate Zones and control individual set points for thermostats across the facility based on a configurable schedule.


SS450 Site Controller

Control Thermostat

 The Control Thermostat works with other Synapse-enabled devices and site controllers to provide automated functions and browser-based access to BACnet MSTP thermostats.

IIoT Repeater

The IIOT-REPEATER works with other Synapse-enabled devices to create a robust mesh network for use in a variety of IIoT solutions such as lighting controls, energy monitoring and air handling.

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