Energy Insights

You know the old adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Just knowing where your energy is going and what energy sources consume the most is a challenge. SimplySnap Energy Insights is an adaptable, easy-to-use monitoring solution that pinpoints wasted energy and drives corrective action plans to optimize energy usage and lower operational costs. The system wirelessly sub-meters any energy sources, calculates the cost and rolls it up by equipment, department, and facility. SimplySnap provides a broad, facility-wide view of energy consumption by retrofitting existing equipment of all types: HVAC systems, air compressors, paint booths, welders, furnaces and other process equipment with non-intrusive, easy-to-install power monitoring equipment. Once the biggest offenders are known, we work with you to develop strategies to get them under control.

SimplySnap delivers solutions to these problems: 

  • Pinpoint energy reduction opportunities in departments with sub-metering 

  • Gain visibility of department energy costs through resource groups

  • Track progress on sustainability initiatives with energy reporting

  • Proactively identify inefficient equipment with triggered notifications 

  • Connect your existing equipment to a modern energy management system with standards-based wireless hardware 

  • Minimize integration cost and connect your entire facility with the SimplySnap wireless network 


How it Works


 With SimplySnap, you can track the energy costs of individual equipment & departments over timeYou can also generate and view reports to ensure compliance with energy savings initiatives.  

The time-series energy data collected wirelessly by the Sense 4-20 can be visualized, processed and displayed on configurable dashboards in SimplySnap. Our analytics and reporting service can help you reduce energy consumption and maximize ROI. 


SS450 Site Controller

Sense 4-20

The Sense 4-20 works with other Synapse-enabled devices and site controllers to gather sensor data across key areas within a facility using a standard 4020 mA sensor interface.

Current Clamps

CT Sensors are used with the Sense 4-20 hardware from Synapse to monitor energy use for specific circuits and equipment.

IIoT Repeater

The IIOT-REPEATER works with other Synapse-enabled devices to create a robust mesh network for use in a variety of IIoT solutions such as lighting controls, energy monitoring and air handling.

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