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About Synapse

Revealing & Reducing Waste

Synapse is an Internet of Things (IoT) company founded in 2007. Our purpose is to help companies reveal and reduce waste so they can be more profitable and sustainable.

Our product, SimplySnap, is an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and easy-to-expand lighting and energy management solution. With it, our customers can understand when, where, and how energy is being used—or misused—and deploy data-informed process improvements that yield enduring ROI.

Our Unique Story

The Synapse story began by perfecting our own wireless mesh operating system (SNAP). This system has distinguished itself for its reliability, affordability, and long range. With the secure mesh network as our foundation, we offer a comprehensive lighting management system that delivers industry leading reliability with incredibly simple and intuitive controls.

Our SimplySnap solution continues to grow, providing a holistic view of a customer’s energy use, and ever-expanding control over systems that consume massive of amounts of energy.

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We're Field-Proven

Today, our solutions have been deployed in hundreds of thousands of centrally controlled high-density applications with over 1 million edge devices in the field, and more than 40 wireless IoT patents granted. We offer the easiest IoT controls in North America with over 1 million nodes installed.

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Our Markets

Indoor and outdoor lighting and energy management for stadiums, arenas, college campuses, parks, parking lots, warehouses, manufacturing plants, foundries, and other large-scale, multi-site facilities that seek more understanding and control over their energy consumption.


Our Mission

We make “profitability through sustainability” attainable by delivering our customers control over the Big 3 energy consumers: Lights, HVAC, and Compressed Air. We provide energy management solutions designed to advance manufacturing facilities with their growth and sustainability goals. We reduce unplanned downtime, and increase operational efficiency, all without the cost of upgrading to new equipment.

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Our Management Solutions

Our innovative system, SimplySnap, links the physical world—the “Things” of IoT—to the digital world by connecting devices to the cloud. We then integrate advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to sense, analyze, and control thousands of devices at an industrial scale.

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Our Beliefs

Our solutions pay for themselves and provide perpetual savings for years to come, all while lowering the energy footprint of our customers.

  • We believe in simplifying the complex to reveal hidden opportunities.
  • We believe in making technology more human-centric and intuitive to use makes it more impactful.
  • We believe that when we improve the environments industries operate in, we improve the environment we all live in.
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Reveal Waste. Ask Us How.

We can help you reveal waste and deliver limitless strategic advantages for your facility. Want to learn more?

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