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Water Efficiency Solutions
Water Efficiency Solution

Water Efficiency Solutions

Gain Control, Avoid costs, Become Efficient.

Water Efficiency Simplified

With an unmatched combination of knowhow, proven technology and support, we put organizations on the fastest most cost-effective path to optimize water efficiency.

Water efficiency is gained by helping the people who operate properties find and fix waste problems before they become costly or destroy assets.

Yes, we deploy real time meaningful measurement. Yes, the technology simplifies things. Technology and knowhow are of little use unless they are honed to help the people who operate properties succeed.

At the end of the day, if something fails, someone at the property has to find and fix the problem or the waste event continues. Our formula makes it easy for property operators to see waste and know how to find and fix it.

Managers and executives stay informed through reporting and KPI’s that are easy to share and guide success.

Proven Formula

easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and easy-to-expand

Step 1: Do Fast Easy First

  1. We provide organizations with a high-level map of water-related costs and vulnerabilities in the context of their portfolios.
  2. We make recommendations that the organization could implement immediately.
  3. We give clarity on what should be done next and how best to do it. This includes a path forward that considers interdependencies and stands up to multi-stakeholder review.

Step 2: Key Property Success

  1. We assess water use and vulnerabilities at a few key properties.
  2. We integrate meaningful measurement and reporting into current routines.
  3. We structure reporting and KPI’s to guide success.
  4. We capture insights and refinements to guide a phased rollout across other properties. (Step 3).

Step 3: Expand Success

  1. Standardization of expectations for service providers and staff.
  2. Advanced measurement and reporting.
  3. Development of internal experts.
  4. Technical support as needed.

The cost of doing nothing is high.

The cost of doing the wrong thing is higher. 

Contact us for review your situation and understand what you could expect from a High-Level step 1 consult.

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