Solutions Engineering

Available Services


  • Remote and On-site commissioning service options are available to get your Synapse wireless lighting control system installed and configured for your site(s).
  • Project Managers collaborate with your customers to complete critical documentation checklists, coordinate timelines, and communicate throughout the installation process.

Professional Training

  • Partner Certification Training includes deep dive hands on learning labs that equip partners to commission and configure full systems for their customers. Learn best practices for system troubleshooting and wireless networking based on years of real-world lighting installations.
  • End user Technical Training fast tracks new and experienced users to completely understand all the latest features and unlock the full value of their wireless lighting control system.
  • Sales Enablement Training includes interactive training sessions to help sales teams fully understand the main features and benefits of the SimplySNAP system.  The comprehensive curriculum outlines key applications, and explains the  system capabilities.  This training is designed to speed up the learning process and to help sales teams become successful selling Synapse Wireless Control Systems.

    Fixture / Controller Integration

    • Need help integrating wireless controls into an existing or new lighting fixture?  Our team of experts can help determine the best LED Driver options, controller options, and antenna placement for optimum RF signal strength.

    Supplemental Services

    • Certified partners can enlist Synapse employees to assist with the commissioning services on larger jobs to ensure fast, successful project completion, and customer satisfaction.

    Support Services

    • Technical support is included for the duration of the hardware warranty.  Systems not installed or commissioned by Synapse or one of our Certified Synapse Partners may be subject to additional services changes.

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