Smart Lighting

✔ Easy to explain.

✔ Easy to set up.

✔ Easy to use.

Unfortunately, smart wireless lighting controls for industrial and outdoor environments have not always delivered what they promised.

Synapse is not a tech company built by a lighting manufacturer. We are a tech company built for lighting manufacturers. Some of the nation’s leading OEM’s look to us to deliver controls that sellers, buyers, specifiers, and users can count on. Our SimplySnap product line is simple, intuitive, adaptable, and always reliable. We believe in a simple principle: It’s only smart if it does what you expect it to.

We are here to help you win the battle against ever changing regulatory requirements, drive out energy waste, and shine light on all the smart ways to make your lighting do more than you ever expected.

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Recorded webinars

Wireless Controls by Control Freaks, for Control Freaks

This webinar reviews highlights of the SimplySnap control system to begin your journey to becoming a professional control freak.

Parking Garages: A whole lot of opportunity

This webinar, hosted by Synapse, covers the highlights of the SimplySnap control system and key challenges and solutions for parking garage applications.

Nail the Spec for Centrally Managed Multi-Site Parking Lots 

This webinar, hosted by Synapse, covers the  challenges of managing multiple locations and  highlights of how the SimplySnap control system can help.

Don’t let high bay lighting raise energy costs through the roof

This webinar, hosted by Synapse, explains key challenges for High Bay Industrial Applications and how SimplySnap can simplify lighting controls in these environments.

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