SimplySNAP Illuminate

SimplySNAP Illuminate is the ideal smart lighting system for large commercial or industrial facilities, such as warehouses or distribution centers that require energy compliant controls to manage and maintain their lighting networks.  Even smaller applications, such as auto dealership lots, parking garages, and indoor/outdoor campus facilities are taking advantage of the simple and reliable smart lighting controls provided with SimplySNAP Illuminate.

  • Control thousands of lights using multiple gateways that aggregate to a single dashboard
  • Combine multiple systems and sites, using remote access and other expanded capabilities with the SimplySNAP Power cloud application
  • Connect indoor, high bay spaces adjacent to sports fields with parking lots and pathways using a single, smart lighting system


An embedded wireless controller that enables an integration path for LED fixture manufacturers is here, the DIM10-087-06-FW.  This device will make it easy for customers to meet energy requirements while keeping fixture manufacturer costs lower.

  • Simplified DC design mates with LED drivers
  • DALI-2 Compatible Bus — Power Monitoring and Dimming via Bus
  • DIM to OFF Compatible with 0-10V Dimming (No Power Monitoring)
  • Powered via Aux LED Driver Power
  • Secure, over-the-air software upgrades
  • 2 Sensor Inputs
  • DLC Certification for both Indoor and Outdoor
  • Secure AES128 Encryption