Parking Garages: 

A whole lot of opportunity.

✔ Supports indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures

✔ Works in garages of all shapes and sizes

✔ Easy to adjust as regulations and customer needs change

Multi-level parking decks can be a real challenge, but we can lend a hand when the spec calls for smart lighting. We’re here to help you illuminate and eliminate waste, stay ahead of regulatory compliance, and improve spatial performance. It’s our job to assist you in designing a bid that stacks the deck in your favor. 

  • Meet the regulations.
  • Nail the spec.
  • Win the bid.


Recorded Webinar

Parking Garages: A whole lot of opportunity.

This webinar, hosted by Synapse, will discuss highlights of the SimplySnap control system and discuss key challenges and solutions for parking garage applications.

Last Month’s Webinar

Wireless Controls by Control Freaks, for Control Freaks

This webinar reviews highlights of the SimplySnap control system to begin your journey to becoming a professional control freak.

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Application Brief- Parking Garage

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