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What is “The Big 3”?

The path to profitability also leads to sustainability.

With Synapse you can take immediate action against skyrocketing utility bills and retake control over out-of-control, operating costs. Our comprehensive energy management solution gives you the ability to quickly and cost-effectively transform your site into a state-of-the art smart facility.

Our system can monitor and measure the behavior of virtually anything that consumes energy, and our controls platform allows you to quickly and easily implement processes that drive down that consumption, so you not only improve your company’s bottom line performance, but you also simultaneously advance your sustainability initiatives.

As a facility manager, you’re under pressure to implement energy-saving strategies in your plants ASAP – whether to meet corporate sustainability goals, save cash or both. But, as you know, energy is the lifeblood of industry and any reductions in energy use need to be thoughtfully considered and very well informed. Our solution, SimplySnap, provides you with the data and insights to know when, where and how energy is being used, so you can make informed decisions about how to use that energy most effectively and efficiently. Simple, intuitive controls insure seamless execution of your new, improved processes. And our reporting shows the impact you are making, because after all, “smart technology” should make you and your team look smart too.

Another challenge many facility managers face is the question of where to start. Waste and inefficiency could be hiding almost anywhere. Is it hiding in a specific department? Are you spending too much during certain shifts, weekends, or peak times? Or is money leaking out through the misuse of specific pieces of equipment?

The answer, of course is “yes, yes, and yes.” And, for many facility managers it’s hiding in all of these places across multiple sites all across the globe. Synapse was conceived to solve for this very problem.

So, where to start? Let us introduce you to “The Big 3”.

Lighting, HVAC, and Compressed Air.

As you know, and as the U.S Department of Energy confirms, these are three of the largest sources of energy consumption in most industrial and manufacturing facilities. So, guess what? This is exactly where our platform is focused.

Lighting, conditioned and compressed air are all vital to your production departments, workplace environment and equipment performance. But they are also costly – very costly. To drive any initiative of consequence – whether it is sustainability or profitability – requires taking control of these three.

Lighting. 75% cost reductions are possible

Coupled with a shift to LED technology, our solution can reduce the energy consumption of your dated lighting by as much as 75%. Our sensors and wireless controls are already embedded in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor luminaires produced by the world’s top lighting manufacturers. The shift to their LED lights with embedded Synapse sensors can save up to 50% in energy cost. Then, with our simple platform you can implement daylight harvesting, smart scheduling, instant-on and timed-off motion sensors, and task tuning. These can be precisely configured to your specific lighting needs and typically yield another 25% reduction in total cost. Further, by starting with Synapse smart lighting, you lay a powerful framework. See, a lighting network built on our platform forms the web of a smart, connected resource management infrastructure. Your lights become eyes that see, monitor and report the behavior of all the other smart enabled devices in your working environment. In other words, anywhere you have light you can gather insights – illuminating and reporting inefficiency and granting you control over all the smart enabled “things” that effect the performance of your operations.

HVAC: the Heaviest User and Abuser

HVAC is typically the largest source of energy consumption, usually accounting for 1 out of every 4 energy dollars spent. These systems are often quite old and inefficient, but they are also among the most expensive systems in a facility, so replacing them – while good for energy conservation – is simply cost prohibitive. Synapse has a solution for this. Our sensors and controls are easy to install and incredibly affordable. With them, you can turn old equipment into modern, “smart” HVAC systems. Our platform then provides total, centralized control of your site’s thermostats. Not only does this control allow you to greatly reduce the energy expense, it also allows you to ease the load on your older systems – extending the equipment life, and avoiding the massive expense and interruption of equipment failure.

Compressed Air – the fourth utility.

Unmonitored compressed air systems are simply unmanageable. Equipment is often left on when it is not in use, and even new systems are a veritable sieve of tiny leaks that are hard to find and impossible to chase down. Traditional systems are costly systems – both directly and indirectly. With Synapse you can easily upgrade to smart compressed air. The direct cost of your unmanaged system will be obvious very quickly. The system alerts you to abnormal use – such a piece of equipment left on when it should off. You will also be able to pinpoint leaks, together these represent clear energy cost reductions. The indirect costs are impressive as well. Compressor outages, equipment wear and tear, and reactive rather than proactive maintenance are all obvious performance improvements. All that said, the upgrade to smart Compressed Air has a short payback period even when measured against direct cost only.

Synapse was conceived to drive sustainability through profitability.

Our SimplySnap technology turns old, dated equipment into smart, connected systems. Like the name says, SimplySnap “snaps” together with existing equipment, existing networks, and platforms. This technology can integrate with other systems or stand alone, providing a single, source for both understanding your energy use, controlling it, and clearly reporting both the financial and environmental impact of your process improvements.

Energy waste is hiding throughout your facility. Synapse allows to see what you can not see. Measure what you are not currently measuring. And control the sources of uncontrolled waste.

Ready to take action on your sustainability goals?