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A Lot Full of Challenges. A Whole Lot of Solutions.

Despite their challenges, parking garages offer a lot of opportunities when we start adding lighting controls.

Every parking situation —an above ground parking garage, an open parking lot, or a below ground parking deck— brings its own unique set of needs. And those needs often change over time. Your lighting has to be able to adapt to them.

Let’s imagine the last time you entered a parking garage — for some that could be only this morning for others you may have to stretch a little further back.

You enter the parking garage. Imagine how the lights levels change as you enter. Do they come on? How about when a car with its headlights on bright comes at you and you are blinded.

As you move towards the top of the parking garage it becomes brighter until you reach the top and you’re in daylight again. Or night, when you come back to your car later, imagine how the lighting changes again throughout the day as the sun rises, gets brighter, and eventually sets.

This dynamic environment and constantly changing factors make parking garages a perfect application for lighting controls. This complexity is where lights controlled by SimplySnap shine.

Our wireless network lighting controls were built from the ground up to perform in this type of difficult network environment. SimplySnap’s method of connecting lights creates a wireless mesh network that communicates across large distances, and through dense concrete.

For an added layer of complexity local regulations often create a difficult regulatory environment for your lighting.

When our solution engineers are working with prospective clients, they’ve identified four key problems that often come up. Customers tell us:

  1. I need to quickly and easily make adjustments to my lighting.
  2. I need to identify and resolve problems with lights before I send a technician.
  3. I need a lighting retrofit/new install to meet energy codes in my area.
  4. I need lighting that will integrate with my facility’s operations.

Easily Adjust and Schedule your Lighting

The benefit of an intelligent lighting controls system is that with daylight harvesting, in depth scheduling, and dynamic sensors, our lighting doesn’t need to be constantly managed. It can manage itself; however, when you want to take control, you can do that too. From anywhere. All from your phone, iPad, or computer.

SimplySnap offers, both on sight management of your lighting — so don’t worry, we haven’t gotten rid of the light switch — and a true cloud platform that allows you to access your lighting from anywhere in the world.

Accessibility isn’t useful unless it’s easy, and SimplySnap is so easy to use we put it in the name. Our management software allows you to adjust your lighting levels and schedules, change scenes, zones and adjust your schedules from our web platform.

You have the control you need to quickly adjust for special events, nighttime gatherings, or any type of changed use case. All at the tip of your fingers, anywhere.

Quickly Identify and resolve Lighting Issues

Our wireless network lighting controls don’t stop at giving you control. We understand that your maintenance matters. You shouldn’t have to spend hours tracking down problems with your lighting.

Dead lights equal safety hazards, so we’ve designed SimplySnap to understand that.

Intelligent alerts identify those dead lights, problem areas, broken sensors, and dozens of other issues you’ll face throughout the lifetime of your outdoor lighting installation. Whenever you log onto the interface, your lights will tell you if there’s a problem.

SimplySnap will also send you email alerts when problems arise, so you can proactively address issues before your customers even notice.

Meet Lighting Codes and Regulations

We’ve worked with numerous industry organizations and partners to ensure that not only can we meet current energy and lighting regulations we’re prepared for the future. Regulations are ever changing, and we’ve worked to ensure that our lighting applications are adaptable to your individual needs.

To meet those needs and save you 50% more than LED lighting alone, our products are on the DLC Qualified Products List.

It’s important to remember that each jurisdiction is unique, and you can read more about how SimplySnap can adapt to your local lighting codes here.

Integrate SimplySnap with your Facility

SimplySnap works with your existing controls to help you get a holistic view of your energy usage.

SimplySnap is ready to take on multiple parking locations at your facility and handle your external lighting requirements.

Ready to face all the challenges including your external walkways, signage, and decorative lighting. SimplySnap can even scale to cover multiple sites, giving you access to all of your lights in one place.

Time to Frow, with Synapse’s Solutions Engineering

Your parking will always be a dynamic environment. Our products are designed to work with you and so is our lighting commissioning system.

We’ve spent years working with industry leaders to identify and solve unique challenges — it’s one of our favorite things — so that you don’t have to.

SimplySnap doesn’t require you to tear your lighting out and completely redo your system, and works with your existing lighting, to add the controls you need to meet your code and energy management requirements.

No more costly rewiring or retooling.

Looking for more information about how we can help you nail your project?

Contact us today and let us show you the light!


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