HVAC units and makeup air handlers represent a large segment of an industrial facility’s energy use and are often left to run 24/7. The SimplySNAP HVAC solution gathers environmental data from a variety of sensors and provides a configurable algorithm that lets you optimize the system for comfort, pressure balance, energy savings, etc. It also enables you to easily schedule HVAC and MUA downtime in order to save power when the facility is unoccupied.


Our custom dashboards enable you to compare cost and consumption across a range of time and equipment.


SS450 Gateway

Sense 4

Battery-Powered Sensor

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air Quality, and Accelerometer

(coming soon)

Control 24 Kit

24V Contactor Controller

The Control 24 provides wireless controls for HVAC and MAU equipment. It is powered by the 24VAC output of the HVAC and enables or disables the thermostat control. 

Control 120 Kit

120V Contactor Controller

The Control 120 provides wireless controls for MAU equipment. It is powered by the 120VAC output of the MAU and switches the 120VAC control. 

Network Repeater

Indoor Network Repeater