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“Synapse has been amazing at supporting us. Every question or issue that has come up has been addressed within a day. One of the easiest companies I have ever worked with.”

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“I feel a family connection between our companies. The interesting thing is, it doesn’t seem like we’re getting special treatment, it just feels like it’s the spirit of Synapse Wireless. Synapse genuinely wants to help.”

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“It is – by far – the easiest industrial lighting control platform I have used. From the GUI, to the networking, it just works.”

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Uline's Smart Lighting Solution Impacts Bottom Line with Efficiency

Uline needed the lighting at its facilities operating at its best – energy efficient, task tuned to enhance order accuracy and simple to operate. Synapse got to work on a smart lighting solution that would meet Uline’s logistical needs and impact their bottom line. 3,014 high-bay luminaires were installed at the Uline facility and then integrated with Synapse’s SimplySnap wireless controls. SimplySnap, is a scalable wireless platform that can manage multiple locations and single sites up to 10,000 lights.

The solution allowed Uline to set up, control, monitor, and manage every light from a single user interface that integrates with Uline’s existing building management system (BMS).

  • Reduced energy use by 28% by implementing scheduling and controls strategies,
  • Met the stringent energy codes required by the state of Washington,
  • Standardized on SimplySnap for all new facilities,
  • Met the performance requirements and successfully integrated with existing BMS system.

Komatsu's Commitment to the Environment Yields Green Return

Komatsu is committed to minimizing the impact on the environment by working toward common goals to reduce CO2 emissions, energy use and water consumption; creating net zero facilities that advance Komatsu’s operations sustainably.

Constructed and occupied in 2019, the facility was outfitted with high-bay LED luminaires. The building also has 10 roof-top HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units (RTU) responsible for conditioning the space.

SimplySnap, Synapse’s wireless energy management system, was chosen to improve the energy performance of both the HVAC and lighting system.

  • Lighting: Energy – Over 50% reduction in annual kWh with occupancy and schedules.
  • Lighting: Early detection of issues provides timely maintenance for enhanced safety and manufacturing up time.
  • Lighting: Komatsu will save over 164MWh of energy in a year.
  • HVAC: Energy – Over 25% reduction in kWh by managing the whole building rather than individual thermostats.
  • HVAC: Komatsu will save over 80MWh of energy for the year

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