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Synapse Wireless

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Synapse Wireless

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Toll Free: 877-982-7888

Local Phone: 256-852-7888

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For media support, contact:  media@synapsewireless.com

For technical support, contact: https://support.synapsewireless.com

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Who We Are

Synapse is an Internet of Things (IoT) company specializing in Intelligent Lighting and Industrial IoT applications by providing the necessary software, hardware, and networking capabilities to help companies transition plants and factories built in the 20th century into intelligent industrial facilities able to compete in the 21st century. We’re owned by McWane, a company with over 100 years  of experience in manufacturing who have provided rich expertise and excellent conditions for development.

Our technology is field-proven and developed by passionate IoT engineers who understand how to design for customers’ real-world problems, making our solutions simple, intuitive, and powerful.

Our Vision 

We connect the physical world with the digital world by connecting devices to the cloud and  integrating advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to sense, analyze and control thousands of devices at an industrial scale. 

From lighting controls to industrial sensing, our solutions extend your five senses, giving you access to untapped information and insights.

Our Quality Policy

Synapse Wireless is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services. This commitment is fundamental to the success of the Company. We accomplish this through:

  • Our commitment to understanding and satisfying the requirements of our customers and other external organizations

  • Monitoring our performance against established objectives

  • Identifying and acting on opportunities for process improvement

  • Management commitment and employee training

Synapse Wireless has three pillars that are the foundation of the QMS:

  • Customer Focus

  • Process Approach

  • Risk-Based Thinking

We are the only independent, smart lighting controls company of our size to use ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system.