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Industrial Connectivity Hardware

Sense 4-20

Consolidate Your Key Sensor Data

One Powerful Interface

The Sense 4-20 is a wireless sensor interface that works in conjunction with other SimplySnap nodes and site controllers. The sensor gathers important data across key areas within a facility onto one interface.

The standard 4-20 mA sensor interface allows access to a wide variety of data. With its compact battery-powered design, sensors can be quickly installed wherever needed. Options include power by battery or external.

  • View current and historical sensor data from anywhere.
  • Use the data to create alerts that send email notifications when sensor measurements fall below or above the configured thresholds.
  • Wirelessly tie sensors into controls via SimplySnap, enabling a wide variety of solutions across the facility.
  • Integrate with lighting controls and other energy monitoring solutions from Synapse to further gain control of your facility’s infrastructure and eliminate waste.
  • WSI-4-20-101 SimplySnap industrial 4-20 mA wireless sensor interface

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