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Industrial Connectivity Hardware

Bridge 485 Wireless Sensor Interface

Reveal Problems and Reduce Downtime

The Bridge 485 is a wireless sensor interface that works in conjunction with temperature and vibration sensors using the Modbus RTU protocol to monitor data from motors found in various manufacturing equipment. Sensor data is collected from critical equipment motors and sent to the SimplySnap IoT platform for storage and analysis. Thresholds can be configured in the system based on the size and type of motor to monitor for temperature or vibration measurements that are above the safe levels. This early detection can help eliminate unplanned downtime and major repairs.

View Current and Historical Sensor Data from Anywhere

Create Alerts

Use the data to create alerts that send email notifications when sensor measurements fall below or above the configured thresholds.

Integrate with lighting controls and other energy monitoring solutions from Synapse to further gain control of your facility’s infrastructure and eliminate waste.

Sense 485 data Summit HVAC

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