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Core IoT Platform Products

Core IoT Platform Products

Embedded Wireless Mesh IoT Development

Synapse's core competency is wireless networking. Our patented wireless MESH technology is Synapse Networking Application Platform (SNAP), which scales to thousands of nodes per network (5x that of standard Zigbee). With a Python and C-level application architecture, SNAP can be deployed in a wide range of applications. There are over 4 million SNAP nodes in operation today.

Core IoT Platform Products


SM220UF1 Surface Mount Module

This Atmel RFA1-based surface mount module has a form factor compatible with SM200P81. With up to 2Mbps raw bandwidth, 128K Flash/16K SRAM, 33 GPIO/7ADCs, and Low Power, this new module is Synapse's best module series for range.


RF220SU Socketed Module

This Atmel RFA1-based socketed module uses software selectable use of on-board SMA or u.FL connector, and is compatible with the RF series. A newly integrated LNA/PA Front End Module (FEM) with 128K Flash / 16K SRAM, 20 GPIO/7ADCs, and up to 2 Mbps raw bandwidth. Ideal for prototyping & low-volume production and field replaceable.


SNAPconnect E20 Gateway

SNAPconnect E20 Gateway features an Ubuntu Linus Operating System, ARM Cortex-A-9, 800 MHz (Freescale i.MX5), 100M ethernet, 4G internal cellular modem, Verizon carrier certification, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g, SNAP SM220UF1 w 3.2 dBi external antenna, 1 USB Type-A, 1 micro-USB, and is enclosed in a high temp rugged metal enclosure.


SNAPconnect E12 Gateway

SNAPconnect E12 Gateway features an Ubuntu Linus Operating System, ARM 8, 1GHz (TI Sitara), 4GB NAND Flash, 512 DR3 RAM, SNAP 2.4 GHz SM220UF1 w 3.2 dBi antenna, 100M ethernet, 1 USB Type-A, and 1 micro-USB. It is enclosed in a high temp, rugged metal enclosure.



The SM520UF1 is an IEEE 802.15.4, low-power, highly reliable solution for embedded wireless control and monitoring networks requiring high data rates.


SN132 SNAPstick

The SN132 SNAPstick is a compact, easy way to connect a PC to a SNAP wireless network. It supports all Synapse RF modules and is fully compatible with the SNAP Toolbelt software.


SN220 SNAPstick

The SNAPstick 220 provides a USB connection between your computer and a SNAP wireless network. It contains an SM220 SNAP module and has a user-programmable multi-color LED for custom applications.