Check out What’s New – Nov 2020

Synapse has introduced new hardware controllers and several new software features recently.

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New Hardware

TL7-HV is a new high voltage twist lock controller designed for environments with input power up to 480V and will easily install in fixtures that include the NEMA/ANSI C136.41 7-pin receptacle.

DIM10-220 is designed for retrofit applications or for use with new fixtures that do not have room for integrated controls. It is IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor applications and includes external sensor support.

New Software Features and Improvements

  • Improved the SimplySNAP remote upgrade process
  • User interface improvements to simplify network configuration
  • Software changes to support new TL7-HVG and DIM10-220 hardware
  • Improvements to enable better data collection from industrial sensors
  • Added the ability to configure a daylight sensitivity level through the sensor UI for Daylight Harvesting sensors.
  • New DALI-2 features
    • Now supports IEC Power Standard and GTIN data for control gear devices
    • Added the ability to configure motion sensor sensitivity and hold time through the sensor UI for DALI motion sensors.

New Software Licensed Feature

Dynamic Behaviors* – Adds special light show scenes for Sports lighting applications.

Create a special scene that causes a group of lights to turn on/off and dim in different combinations for player introductions, scoring, and other moments at sporting events with this new feature.

* Note This licensed feature is sold separately and is not compatible with all LED Drivers or Synapse Controllers, please contact sales team for software license information and performance requirements.

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