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The next step on your journey to a smart facility: Connect, Monitor and Optimize.

Vibration and temperature say a lot about equipment. Upward trends in temperature or increasing amounts of vibration often warn of upcoming problems — from equipment mounts failing, bearings overheating, to something more serious.

When heat and vibration information isn’t available at the equipment level it can often feel like performing maintenance in the dark.

That’s why the critical motor condition monitoring built within SimplySnap gives you immediate clarity you can act on.

SimplySnap ensures that you know exactly when a critical piece of equipment starts to operate outside of your set threshold allowing you to start troubleshooting the problem the moment something begins to act abnormally.

Equipment naturally vibrates, and heat is a natural byproduct — even more importantly not every piece of equipment is the same. SimplySnap is designed with that in mind, allowing facility managers — the experts in your own facility — to tailor individual sensors to your equipment’s needs.

Instead of only offering individual readouts for critical equipment on an HMI, SimplySnap combines this information into a single unified dashboard that gives you immediate access to your equipment’s health across your entire facility.

SimplySnap displays the equipment state and health of your critical motors on a map view of the facility — not a laundry list of random equipment on the plant floor. Instead, you see a visual representation of how you actually see the equipment in your factory.

And, if you’re working with an older facility HMIs and visual alarm indications could be spread across the factory floor, but with SimplySnap they’re brought together under a single, centralized IIoT platform with automated alerts and notifications that will let you know when there's a problem.

Instead of data being recorded manually, sporadically, and by the maintenance teams during their walk-arounds on the floor, SimplySnap gives you real-time updates on your equipment's health through the dashboard, email or text message.

Individual sensors spread throughout your facility are combined by SimplySnap to deliver a holistic picture of your equipment’s health giving you insight into individual equipment's running state and overall health when you want it, without losing track of how all this equipment works together in your facility.

When equipment comes together

Unified under a single dashboard, your entire facility now works together to provide new insights into your equipment’s function. This allows you to:

  • Connect critical, older, non-networked motors in your facility to better analyze health data
  • Monitor motors remotely and receive notifications on the health of that equipment to prevent unplanned downtime
  • Optimize your maintenance schedules to work with your facility and lower energy costs

By bringing sensor information together SimplySnap gives your facility the opportunity to combine data like never before.

Instead of needing numerous technicians to walk through a facility to manually log equipment data, from various systems, gauges, dials, and readouts, you can now look at a single dashboard tailored around the information you want to see in a single glance.

Dashboards that allow you to drill down to the details and see acceleration, velocity, and electrical current data where you can spot trends and anomalies in the performance of your critical equipment. No more manually digging through equipment readouts, recording data on a clipboard or spreadsheet, and wasting man-hours collecting them.

In fact, with SimplySnap you can get an entire facility’s worth of data, right in front of you, no matter where you are in the world. All the necessary stakeholders have easy access to facility intel, all from that same platform.

Up-to-date errors, temperature readings, warning levels, and custom-set thresholds all work together to keep your facility running smoothly and prevent unplanned downtime.

Imagine having a team of tireless technicians working around the clock to diagnose the next big problem at your facility. You’ve trusted your equipment for years, with SimplySnap connected to it, it’ll tell you when something goes wrong.


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