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Lighting Control Solutions

Outdoor & Indoor Lighting Management

Explore the Synapse Wireless network lighting control solution for outdoor and indoor applications.

Why Quote SimplySnap on Your Next Project?

It's pretty simple. A wireless lighting control solution that "just works" and is trusted by the biggest names in the industry. Not to mention, DLC5.0 DLC NLC listed, scalable, and stand alone controls. That's SimplySnap.


Lighting Controls That Just Work. Yes, Please.

Discover how SimplySnap can help fulfill your outdoor and parking garage lighting control requirements. Discover how SimplySnap can help fulfill your requirements for wireless lighting controls in parking garages and outdoor areas.

Discover How SimplySnap Stacks Up

Have you heard of SimplySnap? Well, the leading LED manufacturers in the U.S. have. SimplySnap is the adaptable, reliable, and simple-to-use wireless lighting control system that, "just works."

One Wireless Lighting Control System - Many Applications

SimplySnap is the trusted solution for controlling lights in parking garages, parking lots, and high-bay facilities. With controls from other companies, you may have to select between an indoor or outdoor control system. SimplySnap is different. No need to pick indoor or outdoor control. Pick both.

Update Your Parking Spec. Choose SimplySnap.

Change is hard, but we make it easy. Actually, that's what SimplySnap is all about. We pride ourselves on the three easies: easy-to-implement, easy-to-scale, and easy-to-use.

The Truth About Commissioning (Lighting Controls)

Commissioning doesn't have to be a problem. That's the truth, despite what you may have experienced with other lighting control systems out there. Synapse works with you to design the commissioning service that works best for you and the customer.

Sports Lighting & Parking Garages? Control Them all with One System.

Have you ever designed a lighting control solution for a campus environment? First, there’s the outdoor control system for the parking lot, then another for the parking garage, and then another system to manage the stadiums and fields. With all those systems in place, no wonder people don’t like using lighting controls. Who can remember how to use all of those different systems?

Project Support

Tell us about your project. We're on stand-by to assist you.