SimplySnap: The fastest, easiest way to sustainability

Smart lighting is an important step toward advancing your organization’s sustainability objectives.

For years, companies have been faced with a difficult choice: either do what’s best for the environment or do what’s best for the bottom line. SimplySnap solves this dilemma with a simple solution that is best for both.

Energy is the lifeblood of business. Using it efficiently and effectively is a primary focus of industry leaders. The U.S. Department of energy has even pinpointed lighting as one of the primary sources of energy waste and continues to target it by way of both regulations and rebates.

The heavy abusers of lighting-related energy waste are parking lots, garages, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities – large, hard to control spaces where the right light in the right place at the right time is critical to the site’s performance.

SimplySnap smart wireless lighting technology provides simple, intuitive control over the spaces and significant reduction in wasted energy. How? Easy.

Easy to Install

SimplySnap is built on a wireless infrastructure. Our platform can stand alone or integrate with your existing building management systems. Since it is wireless, initial installation, large scale-retrofits, and on-going maintenance is far less time consuming and expensive. Network every LED fixture across your site.

Easy to Use

SimplySnap provides intuitive control over all of your lights. Easily set-up your spaces to optimize performance. Set schedules, define behaviors, control lights in zones or by individual luminaire. Be precise. Task tune for desired brightness or implement daylight harvesting. React to motion or peak demand periods. And do it all from a single, intuitive platform.

Easy to Scale

From a few hundred lights on a single site to thousands across a large industrial campus, our wireless network expands seamlessly. Control on-site or control multiple sites from a central location. And software upgrades? Automatic, over-the-air. It’s futureproof, and the future is sustainable.

Equipment: Simplified

Complex, bulky, expensive hardware isn’t anyone’s ideal, which is why it’s just not a thing with SimplySnap. A small base station and wireless light controllers embedded in product from leading lighting manufacturers, minimizes your installation costs and maximizes energy efficiency.

Plus, if your plant is ready to solve energy problems beyond just lighting, SimplySnap can provide a broad, facility-wide view of energy consumption by retrofitting existing equipment of all types. Sub-meter your facility and begin measuring energy costs across your plant. Energy costs for specific equipment or departments is visualized via our configurable dashboard. Generate reports, identify energy saving opportunities and maximize your ROI with a few clicks.

A sustainable, future-oriented facility starts with awareness of the problem at hand. Pinpointing energy reduction opportunities, gaining invaluable insight on where your facility “stands”, and proactively navigating towards smarter solutions are all action items on your to-do list, but starting that journey is still daunting. SimplySnap makes this entire process uncomplicated, as it should be.

Ready to find out more about our sustainable solutions? Download our complimentary solution overview guide to discover how SimplySnap can help you achieve your sustainability goals.