Wireless Controls by Control Freaks, for Control Freaks

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Wireless Controls by Control Freaks, for Control Freaks

What does it mean to be a wireless control freak?

Some may define it as a form of consummate brand advocacy, but we like to think it’s a little bit more than that. If you can grant us pardon for a little bravado, we’d like to expand on this perspective. Fair warning: It tends to be contagious.

Let’s start with the basics. Whether it’s webinars or technical manuals, we want to ensure you have the resources you need to get the job done. There’s a clear reason why facility supervisors, environmental engineers, and manufacturing executives have called our systems the easiest industrial lighting control platform they’ve ever used, or the most interactive system they’ve ever seen. It’s quite simple really. Our products, systems, and software just work.

Our wireless lighting control systems are easy to sell, easy to set up, and easy to use. Whether your project includes outdoor parking, manufacturing facilities, college campuses, entertainment districts, retail centers, heavily regulated zip codes, or other spaces that require wireless lighting controls, we’ve got your back. Your customers can optimize SimplySnap from anywhere and manage up to 10,000 lights across multiple zones with a single interface. This gives you flexible control over real time data.

Reliability and versatility can sometimes be a little hard to come by with other vendors in our industry. We stand confidently behind our controls, embedded in fixtures from leading manufacturers, and know that your clients will, too. We’re here to help you nail the spec, win the bid, and build lasting credibility with your clients.

We start with our standard gateway, the central base station. From this gateway, your infrastructure can support embedded high bay, area, or garage lighting fixtures. Additional options include our twist lock controller, which can fit into any 7-pin lighting receptacle. We also offer a bolt-on retrofit for existing installations. Want even more components to fold into the mix? Our BMS gateway, wireless occupancy and daylight sensor, and wireless switches allow for multiple variables and configurations.

When it comes to commissioning the system, we offer world-class support. Our team will coordinate the installation between the lighting agent, electricians, and the end user, and review all functionality options with the appropriate stakeholders. We help configure SimplySnap to meet the customer’s expectations, while testing all lights and sensors during and after installation. We also offer training and post-install support. 

We offer three levels of commissioning service and training: remote, Smart Hands, and premium. Our basic remote option covers all the necessary training and commissioning. System validations are performed by the customer. The Smart Hands option takes the process a step further with equipment validation by an authorized Smart Hands agent. Our premium option includes full training, commissioning, and validation performed on-site by Synapse staff.  

When it comes to training and support, our top priority is responding to and resolving any questions in a timely and efficient manner. We provide technically-minded staff with a passion for troubleshooting and problem solving to answer any questions that may arise.

Want more information about wireless controls by control freaks, for control freaks? Check out the recording of our recent webinar for more detail.