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SimplySnap Facility Performance Optimization

SimplySnap Facility Performance Optimization

Any Size. Anywhere.

Profitability through Sustainability

Synapse improves profitability and sustainability by enabling manufacturers to enhance their own proven methods with capabilities built into SimplySnap to help reduce energy waste and maximize equipment uptime.

Holistic management. Provide a modern IoT architecture on your existing equipment.

SimplySnap doesn’t require you to replace your existing, fully depreciated, critical equipment. Using our wireless industrial connectivity hardware, you can easily retrofit existing equipment to reap the benefits of a modern IoT platform.

Facility Performance Optimization Solutions

Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management

Executive teams and managers are being pressed to reduce energy waste and lower costs. SimplySnap can help facility managers achieve this while also supporting other sustainability goals. We help you:

  • Track energy based on production across the organization to encourage a culture of improvement
  • Identify quantifiable improvements to reduce energy cost without reducing production
  • Provide automatic equipment controls and other methods to manage energy cost

Equipment Uptime

Repairing or replacing broken equipment represents a great cost to a facility in both time and materials – especially when that downtime is unplanned. SimplySnap increases Equipment Uptime by:

  • Tracking equipment availability across the organization to encourage a culture of improvement
  • Providing insights on potential issues so they can be addressed before they occur
  • Alerting to abnormal performance data so it can be addressed to minimize production impact
Where We Shine

Our Core Capabilities

  • SimplySnap software is designed with core capabilities that help simplify managing energy consumption and costs while also improving the operations of the facility by providing insights on equipment state and health.
  • A cloud-based user interface for provides dashboards, insights, and control capability to executives, management teams, and facility operators. The responsive design and intuitive user interface work great on laptops, tablets, or phones for quick access and real-time updates to the system.
  • Reliably connect to sensors across the facility with our field-proven wireless mesh networking technology. Our robust, reliable, and secure mesh network scales easily to support and wirelessly connect to electrical circuits, process equipment, HVAC, and compressed air systems.
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Monitoring and Control Capabilities

  • Industrial CT Sensors – Utilizing 4-20 mA CT sensors, SimplySnap can monitor electrical circuits to provide insights on energy usage at the facility, withing departments, or on individual pieces of equipment.
  • Vibration and Temperature Sensors – Visualize the state and health of your critical equipment and receive notifications when things are working as expected
  • Industrial Wireless Connectivity – Retrofit existing equipment with a modern IoT solution without expensive wiring or equipment upgrades.
  • HVAC Control – Connect your RTUs and thermostats to create centralized control and monitoring of your indoor environment
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We Are Expandable

The wireless mesh backbone of SimplySnap can expand to offer additional solutions. For example, our platform can lower the integration cost of monitoring existing equipment, including managing HVAC systems and compressed air systems units with a full suite of scheduled and sensor-based controls.

Key Benefits

  • Facility Performance Optimization Dashboard - Create customized views for executives, management teams, maintenance personnel or facility managers to track corporate KPIs, manage energy costs, and monitor the state and health of equipment.
  • Energy Consumption Insights  - Know what specific pieces of equipment, types of equipment, or departments are contributing to energy waste
  • Energy Cost Insights – Understand what energy is costing you granularly throughout your facility, not just the lump sum seen on the monthly power bill.
  • Peak Demand Insights – Quickly see what equipment is causing your peak demand charges and how you could reduce these unmanaged charges.
  • Motor Vibration Monitoring  - Through advanced data collection and analysis, gain insights on when critical motors aren’t operating as expected, potentially identifying failures before they happen.
  • Climate Zones — Combine all your RTUs and thermostats into a single solution that manages setpoint, configure schedules, and monitor temperature & humidity to create a better environment for you employees.
  • Robust Wireless Mesh technology – Continually monitor the wireless network and receive alerts on any issues found.
  • Automatic Over-the-Air Upgrades - Future-proof your investment by keeping it updated with the latest features.

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