SimplySNAP Power

Energy monitoring and reporting

SimplySNAP Power is a collection and reporting system designed for customers that want to understand the energy usage of their lighting systems.  Understanding how much energy different parts of your lighting system are using is a key step into making improvements and saving energy.  You can’t manage what you can’t measure, so the first step to making any improvements to your energy usage is to understand what is happening today.


The SimplySNAP Power app is a cloud-based application that collects power usage data and stores up to 2 years of data.  This allows customers to compare across sites or look at specific areas to measure the impact of adjustments to occupancy sensors, the impact of adding daylight harvesting, or adjusting different location or zone schedules.



  • Cloud-hosted environment
  • Measure energy savings
  • Compare energy usage
  • Run custom reports
  • Export historical data
  • Centralized data collection and reporting


  • For smaller systems or large installations with up to 10,000 lights
  • No on-site server to install, configure, and maintain; faster ROI
  • Monitor the impact of adjustments with baseline metrics
  • Measure energy usage across zones for optimization
  • Filter and analyze data across days, weeks, months, and more
  • Export data and use with other data to create custom reports


Ideal applications for SimplySNAP Power include:

Existing Synapse Lighting customers that want to

  • Collect and report energy usage across multiple systems or expand their lighting control capabilities with other SimplySNAP cloud applications, like SimplySNAP Illuminate.

Large manufacturing plants and regional distribution centers with multiple gateways and thousands of lights that want to

  • Understand energy usage across a large, complex lighting system

Distribution centers with adjacent parking lots and garages looking to connect and consolidate

  • Multiple, regional sites with separate lighting systems into one system
  • Energy monitoring of these dispersed locations into a single dashboard


Campus environments that have indoor and outdoor sport fields with multiple lighting systems that need to

  • Integrate into one system for easy management, maintenance, and fast, system-wide decision making


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