SimplySNAP Sense takes input from industrial sensors such as temperature, humidity, barometric and differential pressure, air flow, weight, and current, and communicates that information to the cloud for processing and visualization. Sense works alone or hand-in-hand with our other SimplySNAP solutions to fit your unique facility needs.

The Sense 4-20 takes input from any 4-20 mA industrial sensor and
communicates it across our wireless infrastructure and up to the cloud.
The Sense 4-20 is battery-powered making it easy and cost effective to deploy.

The time-series data collected by the Sense 4-20 from the industrial sensors can be visualized, processed and displayed on a dashboard in your browser in a variety of ways depending on your needs. Our analytics can enable Just-In-Time inventory management, ERP integration, and material loss analysis.


SS450 Gateway

Network Repeater

Indoor Network Repeater

Sense 4-20

4-20 mA Interface Device

Industrial Sensors